It’s a Supermarket Sweep …


As you can see from my VERY pale legs this is not a homage to Dale Winton, although if the show ever comes back – please someone send me the details. I’m a mean shopper with a time limit …


Inspired by my friend and fellow newbie to Blogging and Vlogging, Ali Bailey – I headed for the supermarket to find this weeks ‘LOOK’  and this is what I threw in my basket ….


As the weather is truly English at the moment, I paired a somewhat summery dress with a classic Autumn/Winter staple, the Biker Jacket – with added studs, so I can at least pretend to be cool.


I love the shape of the dress, it’s not naturally a forgiving colour or a forgiving material – so I sized up and actually I needn’t have. I think it looks higher end than supermarket fashion, but then I have always shopped sporadically when shopping for food and really enjoyed picking out pieces that look more expensive than their supermarket price tag.
And it’s now in the sale – under £10!!


Do you buy your clothes and your food at the same time? And NO M&S doesn’t count! Have you got any recommendations beyond the usual supermarkets?

B x

Photography: JKGPhotography

Shop the Look:

The Jacket – Totally to size! 

The Dress

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