For she’s a jolly good … Yellow!


This dress brings me pure joy.

It is well shaped for my top heavy figure although it skims it avoids looking tent like!


To be honest, I would wear this to both a family BBQ and a low-key Wedding – dressing up or down accessories etc and I urge you to nip into store to try this on, I felt like a 70’s starlet!!

OUTFIT TWO-2I paired the whole look with my very pale legs and white shoesies. I live on the edge.

My recommendation is to size down, but you might need your own slip – be warned the slip it comes with is tight and deeply unattractive under changing room lights.


Have you noticed the sleeves? …. Oh the sweet sweet drama of them. My only thought is perhaps get your nearest pal to dip your nachos in the guac for you?!

Ps: This dress is selling fast …. run, run like the freaking wind ….

Becky x

Photography by the amazing: JKGPhotography

Get the Look 





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