What I would have worn to Wimbledon ..

…… had I been invited!

Not bitter (well maybe a little) just super regretful that every year I forget to apply for the damn tickets, who plans that far in advance?!!
Oh well, Murray’s out and Konta didn’t make it – So what am I REALLY missing?! Pimms on tap, thats what I’m missing!!

I noticed this dress when I was painfully looking for a new pair of jeans, the tropical birds caught my eye and I was sold. Not even the fact it’s PER UNA put me off!!


Sometimes my narrow-minded brain sticks PER UNA in the category for crazy Aunts and science teachers who LOVE lime coloured cotton tops and life drawing lessons. And whilst I suspect this is totally still the case, I have found a few gems over the years and this shirt dress is no different.


I recommend sizing up and using the belt supplied to give you some shape, but not too tight let the bottom flow, it’s been cut well. (I’ve tied it behind me, rather than around me)


I watched a Vlog recently that really got my goat, someone I admire stated that Alexa Chung had made M&S cool. Darling no, you’ve missed out on years of great clothes. Marks isn’t just about nude knickers and giant strawbs – it’s classic black jumpers that don’t bobble and kept me in 29 years of breton tees and skinny jeans.


Photography by JKGPhotography


Get the Look:

Dress: Is of course sold out – IN THE SALE GRRR (Why not try this dress from Per Una?)

Shoes: Jeffery Campbell Havana Last Wedges (Which I can only find in Brown – The most comfortable show ever)




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