Summer Wardrobe PT 2: Shoulder the Blame.


It’s taken me forever to get this blog post out, the truth is …. I thought I looked better in this dress than the photos portray.


BUT … Β I love this dress, I was bored of taking photos and I wanted to get back to my family and my gin. So maybe I didn’t stand up straight or hold my tummy in … but nevertheless .. this dress is gorgeous and I felt like a princess in it and I had SO many compliments.


So I’m going to keep it simple, blame myself for being worried about the way my stomach looks, especially when we’re surrounded by so many more life affirming moments currently.

Enjoy the summer. Stop worrying about sucking my tummy in and enjoy the fact I got my shoulders out!

All the love,

B x


Get the look:

Although this dress is still available online .. it looks like it’s sold out in anything larger than a 10 … SO …. look at these bad boys: ASOS Curve Red Off the Shoulder Numbers

The actual dress: Asos

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