Summer Wardrobe Pt 1: Leaf it with me.

You find me on the English Rivera with my Mummy, Auntie and Cousin Amy, who at only 9 months younger than me, gets why I would very ungracefully climb into a bush for the correct snap.

Which is a huge help with my confidence – does everyone have that play-it-safe-panic on the first night of a holiday?

We are staying at The Imperial Hotel, Torquay which holds a charm similar to my much loved Agatha Christie’s books (she was born here, in Torquay) and was once synonymous with ballroom dancing and long summer holidays for the rich. I’m in heaven.

Last night we ate in the hotel restaurant and I opted for my floor length Monki Kaftan Leaf print dress, which gave me the feel of a 1920s strumpet found in one of Agatha’s books, but also gave a nod to the very fashionable Tropical trend.

Find me here: 2 Gins before dinner, heady from sea air and pretending that Poirot will be sat at the table next to us at dinner.

Amy took these photos in the beautiful gardens adjacent to the hotel, where the view is breathtaking – it makes me question ‘what the devil I’m doing in London?’ But is that just what makes getting away so special.


Becky x


Get the look:

Caftan: Monki


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